SML Rev. D - Lacquer (Serial Number: 12328) Back to model

This is a very nice vintage SML Rev. D tenor sax in original lacquer, serial #12328. The lacquer condition and general look of this tenor is about as clean as it gets. The tenor show cases rolled tone hole construction. It also shows off the original pads and resonator set as well as the original gold plated springs. The pearls are all original and in great shape, some of them even have some original lacquer over spray on them. These old SML models also have adjustable G# lever that allow you to use it with or with out an articulated G#.

These SML's play with an impressive free blowing sonic character and have an ample amount of power when desired. Regarding their sonic character they are most akin to the vintage Selmer core sound of the mid 1950's.

There used to be an additional auxiliary key on this instrument. Sadly the key was not on the sax when we received.

Manufacturer: SML
Model: Rev. D
Date Manufactured: 1955
Serial: 12328
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