SELMER Reference 54 'Flamingo' (Serial Number: 712283) Back to model

This is a beautiful example of Selmer Paris Reference 54 “Flamingo” alto sax, serial number 712283. The Flamingo is from the limited edition Reference“Bird Series” by Selmer Paris.

The Reference line are built in the spirit of the famous Mark VI which was released in 1954. If you have always wanted the qualities of a vintage Selmer on a modern instrument a Reference is a natural choice. For a short time Selmer Paris also offered a select number of limited edition Reference saxophones in the “Bird Series”. The Flamingo has dark honey lacquer finish ans features Flamingo and floral engraving in the bell area. These models are also made with no F#.

The Flamingo plays with a warm free blowing sound and show cases a rich response to air flow. In comparison to the modern SII and SIII altos the Reference is considerably more open and robust at its core. The alto is reminiscent of a great Mark VI and also features incredible control and consistency across its entire range.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Bird Series
Date Manufactured: 2010
Serial: 712283
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