BUESCHER True Tone - Silver Plate Detach-Bell (Serial Number: 236834) Back to model

This is a late model Buescher True Tone c-soprano with serial number 236834. Its indescribably rare. It has the soldered on bell similar to what Buescher was doing with the straight alto and the tipped bell soprano. However, the bell is not tipped on this horn but remains straight in line with the body tube. Its the only c-soprano that I've ever seen that is keyed up to high F.

This soprano is certainly a one of a kind, probably less than a handfull of them ever made. The instrument is in the original silver plate finish and comes in the original Buescher case. The plating is nearly perfect with 99+% of the original silver plating still intact.

The instrument is in phyically excellent condition. There are no dents or major repairs. There is only one resoldered joint on the upper post of the upper stack. The pads are in very good condition and the horn was adjusted by Saxquest in 2003. It's in excellent playing condition. The sound is sweet and rich with overtones. The intonation is not too bad. It's a fun horn to play.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: True Tone - Buescher Band Instrument Co.
Date Manufactured: 1928
Serial: 236834
Contributed By: saxquest.com