BUESCHER True Tone - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 230487) Back to model

This is a fairly rare original burnished silver plated Buescher True Tone soprano sax, serial number 230487. This horn is in top physical condition and was set up in the Saxquest shop in January of 2006 using the original Buescher metal snap-in resonators..

This sax has no dents or dings anywhere, and no resoldered joints. The silver finish stands at over 99% with no major wear of note.

This soprano has a nice spread sound, with a real warm core to the tone. It’s not going to kill anyone with a ton of power, but it does have a sweet melodic voice that is comfortable and soothing.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: True Tone - Buescher Band Instrument Co.
Date Manufactured: 1929 - 1930
Serial: 230487
Contributed By: saxquest.com