BUESCHER Aristocrat "Big B" - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 331816) Back to model

Man, this is a sweet bari. It is a totally original plate silver Buescher "Big B" model SN 331816. This horn absolutely rips and is a pure joy to play.  The guys at Saxquest say it is one of the most expressive and character ridden baris they have ever played. The silver is still about 98% intact with only very minor surface wear along the backside of the bodytube.

Saxquest set up this bari in 2010 with all new pads fitted with the original snap-in resonators and the setup is killer...fast and furious.

The physical condition is excellent with some expert dent repairs in the top crook and bottom bow. There is only one tiny chair ding in the bottom bow. The bodytube is perfectly straight.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: Aristocrat series II "Big B"
Date Manufactured: 1948 - 1949
Serial: 331816
Contributed By: saxquest.com