BUESCHER Aristocrat "Big B" - Lacquer (Serial Number: 318265) Back to model

This is a beautiful professional model Buescher Aristocrat bari sax that dates back to 1948.

This is a one owner horn that was played in the Stan Kenton band for a number of years. Although the engraving is perfect, the owner tells us that it was relacquered by the factory in the mid 60's with an original type cellulose-bake lacquer.

There are no signs of wear anywhere, with the lacquer still at 100%. The horn is also physically perfect. NO dents or past repaired damages that are evident. It has Buescher railroad type key guards and Norton springs.

The pads are in excellent condition. This is a top end professional model bari sax and plays every bit as good as its reputation. Intonation is excellent. The bottom end is as fat as it gets.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: Aristocrat series II "Big B"
Date Manufactured: 1948
Serial: 318265
Contributed By: saxquest.com