BUESCHER New Aristocrat - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 266325) Back to model

This is a MINT original silver plate Buescher "The New Aristocrat" alto saxophone, serial number 266325. To some, this is the most desired of the Buescher line of saxophones and was the transitional horn between the late True Tone model and the early Aristocrat model. They were only produced in the 263xxx-268xxx serial number range and are extremely rare.

The physical condition of this example is flawless. There are NO dents, dings or previous repairs of any kind. This instrument was fully restored at the Saxquest shop utilizing the original metal snap in resonators. All of the rollers and pearls are original and perfect.

This is a fantastic playing original silver plate Buescher "The New Aristocrat" model alto saxophone. This horn has a very lyrical and free blowing quality that you can only find in the vintage Bueschers of this era. Intonation is impecable! It was a perfect match for the great Johnny Hodges!!


Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: New Aristocrat
Date Manufactured: 1935 - 1936
Serial: 266325
Contributed By: saxquest.com