BUESCHER Aristocrat Series I - Lacquer (Serial Number: 292649) Back to model

Here is a remarkable vintage Buescher Aristocrat tenor sax, serial number 292649. This horn still has the original lacquer, which has darkened to a rich amber hue. It was set up by Randy Jones at Tenor Madness in 2004 and is a smoking player.  A great example of what a vintage Buescher should play like.

The sax has about 95% original lacquer remaining, with just honest playing wear on the back of the body tube and on the bottom bow. There isn’t so much as a dent, ding, or dimple to be found anywhere, and no signs of any past resolder work. The horn still has the original metal snap in resonators, with pads that are a couple years old, but are still sealing perfectly.

The guys at Saxquest said this is one of the best playing Buescher Aristocrats they've ever seen. The sound is warm and full, with just a slightly spread characteristic to it. This Buescher has one of the sweetest tones of any vintage sax out there. All of the pads are sealing wonderfully, allowing a whisper down to low Bb. It definitely has all of the characteristics to the tone you would want and expect from this vintage of Buescher.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: Aristocrat - series I "art deco"
Date Manufactured: 1940 - 1941
Serial: 292649
Contributed By: saxquest.com