MARTIN Handcraft Stencil "Elkhart" - Gold Plate (Serial Number: 56694) Back to model

Here is a beautiful “Elkhart” alto sax in gold plate, serial number 56694. This horn was made in the late 20’s/early 30’s by Martin and is identical to the Martin "handcraft" model of the same vintage.

Physically, this alto looks spectacular with over 95% of the original gold finish remaining. The horn looks to have been well cared for, with any present wear coming from honest playing. The horn is elaborately engraved all over the bell, bottom bow, and up the back side of the body tube, and looks remarkable. There are no dents to be found anywhere and there have been only a few minor dings removed from the bottom bow.

The instrument was set up by Saxquest in 2004. This sax features a medium key tension and pretty open key height, making it very comfortable feeling.

The gold plating has given the sound that little something extra as well. It has a nice warm tonality with just a little resistance to push up against. This is a real resonant instrument with a gorgeous sweet sound. It has a dry west coast kind of coolness to the tone ala. Paul Desmond or Lee Konitz.

Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model: Handcraft
Date Manufactured: 1920s
Serial: 56694
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