MARTIN Committee II - Gold Plate (Serial Number: 129757) Back to model

This is a truly spectacular gold plated Martin Handcraft Committee II alto sax, serial number 129757. This sax is a great example of what Martin called their Deluxe finish and was a custom special order only option costing twice as much as the regular finish option.  It sports gorgeous engraving all over the bell, bottom bow, and all the way up the body tube. It is extremely rare and is the only one of its kind seen here at Saxquest.

This horn is beautiful to behold. The engraving is simply amazing. The photos do not do the horn justice, as it seems nearly every available space has been covered with the most breathtaking engraving imaginable. The gold finish stands at over 95% intact with no major finish wear to speak of. This alto has no dents, dings, or past damage anywhere. It doesn’t have a single resoldered joint or keyguard.

The original pads are equipped with flat metal resonators. The original factory key tension is a bit on the lighter side, lending a real free and comfortable feel to the sax.

This alto is a real versatile instrument. It has a warm sweet sound, but also the ability to really belt out when called upon to do so. It has a nice even tone with a slightly spread characteristic to the sound. It is truly a magnificent player.

Don’t miss out on this amazingly rare instrument made at the height of Martin’s abilities. It does come with the original neck, with a matching serial number stamped on it, and in the original deluxe case.

Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model: Committee II
Date Manufactured: 1938
Serial: 129757
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