MARTIN Committee II - Lacquer (Serial Number: 141134) Back to model

This is a breathtakingly beautiful Martin Handcraft alto sax, serial number 141134. This is the Committee II model manufactured just before WWII in 1941, and it is as mint as a vintage horn can be.

The pictures almost don't do this horn justice. The original lacquer is over 99.9% intact with really no wear anywhere. There are no dents, no dings, no resolders, and no past damages or repairs. There aren't even any scratches around the neck strap ring. It is as mint as you will find. Even the original case is excellent, though it does have one tear in the front of the case.

This horn has received a full top-end pad job too in 2006 by Saxquest repair expert Duncan Bamsey. It was padded using top grade white Kangaroo pads and Resotech flat metal resonators. It was ideally set up and adjusted with a lightspring tension to mimic the original factory specs and make for an effortless ride under the fingers.

The vintage Martin horns have some of the warmest richest sounds you can find, and this alto is no exception. It is a very free blowing horn as well, and can really generate some decent projection when pushed. A sweet horn like this is a real find and something to treasure.

Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model: Committee II
Date Manufactured: 1941
Serial: 141134
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