KING Saxello - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 76743) Back to model

This is a cool horn you don’t see everyday, a vintage King Saxello Bb Saxophone, serial number 76743. If you have never played one of these you are really in for a treat. The extended tip bell on these models gives a more forward projecting sound similar to the manner of an alto or tenor and less similar to a typical strait soprano.

These horns are over all very free blowing and responsive to air flow. Some can play extremely well in tune and others can be just atrocious. If you're thinking of purchasing one, make sure you have a chance to play test first or purchase it from a reputable vintage saxophone dealer who can give you an accurate assessment of pitch.

The Saxellos are interesting not only because of the obvious 90 degree bell flare and tipped neck, but also because of the small size of the low B and Bb tone holes. These tone holes only measure about 20mm in diameter on a Saxello whereas a typical Bb soprano meausres out at just over 30mm in diameter. Certainly, there are acoustical reasons for this design, but it does indeed look odd.

Also shown here is the original wood-shell case form fit for the Saxello. These instruments were sold with an optional metal stand that attaches to the back of the body tube just above the serial number. You can see the stand and stand attachment here.

Manufacturer: KING
Model: H.N. White Model
Date Manufactured: 1924
Serial: 76743
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