KING H.N. White "Artist" Model - Gold Plate (Serial Number: 99103) Back to model

This is one of the prettiest saxophones that you will ever see. It is an H.N.White King artist model alto saxophone. These King artist model saxophones feature burnished gold plating and exquisit push-cut engraving over the entire instrument.

There are at least three slightly different engraving styles, although, each is equally stunning. In this example, the front of the bell features a fully naked woman with out-streched arms, her legs are crossed and she's posing under an ornately engraved KING banner. The rest of the engraving is unlike anything else you will find. It basically blankets the entire bodytube with lush floral patterns highlighted with several pictures of birds and naked ladies. All of the touch pieces are fitted with mother of pearl and even the neck is ornately hand engraved. This horn is really a site to behold.

Dating to the 20's, this horn still has the ease of playing and quick response of a classic King. The gold offers a deep warmth to the sound. This is a real museum piece that plays as good as it looks. The case is original and in excellent condition.

Manufacturer: KING
Model: H.N. White Model
Date Manufactured: 1922 - 1923
Serial: 99103
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