C.G. CONN Virtuoso Deluxe Model - Floral Engraved (Serial Number: 123082) Back to model

This is an interesting example of Conn's most exquisite finish for a saxophone, the "Virtuoso Deluxe" 000 finish. It was most likely engraved by one of the Stenberg brothers. This is a rare example that features a dual-tone gold plate finish with the interior of the engraving having a matte finish off-set against a burnished (polished) gold background. This was originally done at the factory by very carefully masking off the outer engraving area and then bead-blasting the engraving. Those areas masked off would retain the burnished look where as those exposed to the bead-blasting would have a dull or matte look.

This horn is in perfect original condition. One of the most preserved Conn Virtuoso Deluxe saxophones you will ever see. There is NO plating wear to speak of. There are NO damages and NO repaired damages to be found anywhere. This is a horn that was played very little, if at all, and cared for meticulously.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Virtuoso Deluxe
Date Manufactured: 1923
Serial: 123082
Contributed By: saxquest.com