C.G. CONN Virtuoso Deluxe - Chu Berry- Jack Keith (Serial Number: 189041) Back to model

This is a real museum piece. It's as rare as it gets and absolutely beautiful.

This is a burnished gold plate "Virtuoso Deluxe" model alto saxophone; finish 000. This was Conn's finest made instrument at the peak of Conn's glory days. This is also the latest Artist model saxophone that we have seen with serial number 189041 which dates to 1927.

The instrument features full engraving on the bell, the bottom bow, and up the body tube. It has a portrait style engraving of a young woman. The detail of the engraving is absolutely stunning. The instrument is in layed with mother of pearl on all touch pieces. In addition to being a saxophone this is a true piece of art built and embellished by the finest craftsman in the trade of the day.

This instrument has an interesting history as it was originally custom ordered either for or by Jack Keith. His name is engraved on the bell to bottom bow brace. This is part of the original engraving and was done at the time of production. The presence of this name means that the sax was either presented to Jack Keith as was done by Conn for several higher up military personal of the day or it was custom ordered by Jack and he requested that his name be engraved on the instrument. In either event, it adds a nice piece of history to the instrument.

The sax has nearly 100% of the original gold plate finish still intact. The physical condition is equally impressive. The sax has no past repairs that we can detect. There are no resoldered joints and no dents. The sax comes with the original case also in excellent condition.

The sax has all new Prestini pads with brass flat metal Reso Tech reonators. The instrument was restored to its original condition by Aaron Barnard, one of the top saxophone repair technicians in the US.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Virtuoso Deluxe
Date Manufactured: 1926
Serial: 189041
Contributed By: saxquest.com