C.G. CONN Gold Plate Chu Berry "Mulligan Vintage" (Serial Number: 208228) Back to model

WOW!! This is perhaps the most perfect burnished gold Mulligan vintage Conn baritone sax that you will ever see. It has 100% of the original matte gold finish with glossy gold plate on the engraving and keys. This is indeed a closet horn. It has been unplayed for nearly 50 years. This is a wonderful vintage for the Conn bari and is the same model as played by the late great Gerry Mulligan. It has rolled toneholes, split bell keys and the crosshatch G#.

There is NO plating wear anyplace on the horn. It is physically perfect with only the slightest of surface blemishes near the bottom bow (see photos). There are NO resoldered joints and NO dents. There has been NO previous dentwork.

The saxophone is in excellent playing condition with fully regulated pads with original Conn resos. The sound is unbelievable. It has incredible color and tone shaping characteristics.

The neck is the original and perfect. The horn even still has its original Conn case which is in excellent condition.

This is certainly the rarest of the rare when it comes to vintage Conn bari saxes. Enjoy the photos!!

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Chu Berry
Date Manufactured: 1927-1928
Serial: 208228
Contributed By: saxquest.com