BUFFET S1 - Lacquer (Serial Number: 33009A) Back to model

This is a clean Buffet Crampon S1 alto sax, serial number 33009A. This alto is great for the player wanting the warm French sound but doesn't want to break the bank for a Selmer.

The horn is in fantastic shape. Original lacquer is over 97% intact with just light playing wear on the usual touch points. There are no dents and no resoldered joints. Pads are in new condition with flat metal resonators, and the horn has just been checked out in our shop to make sure everything is sealing well.

The sax has a rich, warm, "velvety" sound. It speaks well up and down the range of the horn, and intonation is solid. A great horn for the classical player or darker jazz sound.

Manufacturer: BUFFET
Model: S Series Models
Date Manufactured: 1982
Serial: 33009A
Contributed By: saxquest.com