C.G. CONN New Wonder Burnished Gold Plate Bass (Serial Number: 92312) Back to model

This is as rare as it gets......a vintage Conn bass saxophone in ORIGINAL beautiful burnished gold plate. The gold that has worn is from honest playing wear and you can dicern the undercoat of silver plate in only a few places. The detailed engraving is spectacular and very ornate covering the entire front of the bell.

This horn had a complete restoration and overhaul by Aaron Barnard in 2007. It was fitted with the very highest quality leather pads and custom Reso Tech brass resonators. This bass is very easy to play, and the keywork feels fantastic. It's amazing that a horn of this size can be so comfortable to get around on. All of the pearls and rollers are original and in great shape. The horn has all new felts, corks and springs.

The physical condition is excellent. There are NO dents anywhere on the bass. The horn is straight. The top crook, bottom bow, and bell lip are all in excellent condition. This horn feels great with the best setup possible and is in absolute top playing form!!

It has its original neck, which is in excellent physical condition with no plating wear to speak of. The neck has never seen any damage of any kind.

Nothing can beat a gold plated Conn from this vintage. The instrument is certainly a rare find.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder -series I
Date Manufactured: 1922 - 1923
Serial: 92312
Contributed By: saxquest.com