SML Gold Medal Mk. I - Lacquer (Serial Number: 17721) Back to model

Here we see a nice original lacquer SML “Gold Medal” tenor sax, serial number 17721.

This instrument is in excellent physical condition. The original lacquer remains about 90% intact, showing some speckle wear from acid bleed.

The sax features rolled tone holes. The original neck shows the SML stamped emblem and was silver plated as an after market modification.

As for as sound, this instrument has few saxes in its esteemed company. It is a real easy blowing and free instrument that can play comfortably in any register in any volume. It has a distintively "French" core sound that posesses a certain sweetness making it very adaptable for both jazz and classical playing. Intonation is great! It definitely compares favorably with a good blowing Mark VI.

These saxes were under-rated for many years. However, in about 2005, they began to show a resurgance in popularity and it’s well deserved. This horn would be a welcome addition to any true player’s collection.

Manufacturer: SML
Model: Gold Medal Mk. I
Date Manufactured: 1909 - 1910
Serial: 17721
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