C.G. CONN New Wonder Silver Gold Two Tone Bass (Serial Number: 72607) Back to model

This is a rare vintage Conn bass saxophone in ORIGINAL beautiful matte silver plate with gold plated keys, gold wash on the inside bell, and inlayed gold leaf engraving on the bell. The plating is well over 90+% intact.

The four bottom key guards have been extended app. 1/2" so that the key height is at an optimum for both intonation and projection.

The physical condition is excellent. There are NO dents anywhere on the bass. The horn is straight. The top crook, bottom bow, and bell lip are all in excellent condition. There is some visible solder around a few of the toneholes, but the silver plate hides this well. There are a couple of resoldered keyguard feet as well. The keys have been fitted perfectly. This horn feels great as it sits, the condition is really impressive overall. It was obviously professionally owned and setup for performance.

It has its original neck, which is in excellent physical condition with no plating wear to speak of. The neck has never seen any damage of any kind.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder -series I
Date Manufactured: 1921 - 1922
Serial: 72607
Contributed By: saxquest.com