C.G. CONN 30M - Lacquer (Serial Number: 295442) Back to model

This is a simply beautiful orginal lacquer Conn 30M Tenor Sax.  The 30M is one of the most saught after vintage Conns out there, and this a great example.  These vintage Conns were some of the most complex horns ever made, and many  repairmen consider them to be a nightmare because the work is so tedious.  There are adjustment screws to everything. Once everything is finally set adjustments can be made very easily, but it's that point of getting everything set that takes a while.

This horn is in fantastic shape with well over 90% original honey gold lacquer.  There is speckled wear to be found throughout the horn, and that is all.  The body tube, bow and bell remain virtually untouched.  We couldn't find the slightest dent or ding anywhere on the horn.  


This 30M is in fantastic shape, and features all the bells and whistles of the great Conn Connquerers.  Notice the neck with the signature 30M octave mechanism, and all of the silver key touches.  This horn is a monster player as well.  There is more brass in the 30M than the 10M because of all the extra mechanisms, and this horn definitely offers a little more vibration than any 10M we've ever played.  It has huge sound, and is very dark.  It can take all the air anyone can put into it.  The 30M was Conns flagship tenor, and this a great representation of their golden era, and it plays like you would expect a great American made horn to play like.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Connquerer Model (26M & 30M)
Date Manufactured: 1941 - 1942
Serial: 295442
Contributed By: saxquest.com