C.G. CONN New Wonder - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 144667) Back to model

This is a gorgeous 1924 vintage C. G. Conn New Wonder tenor saxophone, serial number 144667. This tenor is in outstanding condition, despite being nearly 90 years old, and was fully repadded in 2004.
The horn has a matte silver plated body, with over 99% original silver plating intact. There is almost no real wear, even on the touch points and under the thumb rest. The horn does have rolled tone holes and the trill G# key. The original neck is in excellent shape as well, and the horn even has its original case.
Saxquest did a fantastic job overhauling this hown.  It has been polished to shine like new, and given all new pads, corks, and felts. It has a fantastic fluid feel under the fingers and smooth responsive keywork.
If you've played a lot of these vintage Conns, you probably have an idea what to expect here. It has an extremely fast response, and blows effortlessly. The sound is more spread than what you find on a Selmer, allowing you to bend notes much more easily. The tone is slightly darker than on the later Chu's, best it still has that nice edge and ability to cut through a big room.
Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder -series I
Date Manufactured: 1924 - 1925
Serial: 144667
Contributed By: saxquest.com