C.G. CONN Lacquer - 26M (Serial Number: 268580) Back to model

Here is an original lacquer 26M Conn alto in great shape.  The horn still has well over 85% of its original lacquer, and is an outstanding player.  There is typical lacquer wear from a horn that has been played a lot.  Mostly it is the speckled kind of wear, and wear that can be found in the usual key touch spots.


The horn features the underslung, double socket neck which is still in great shape.  It also still has all of its original rollers.  Horns of this vintage often have mismatched rollers becuase the original Conn rollers would often time get gummed up to where they wouldn't move, and then they would break apart when taken off. 


The horn has a great sound, with a solid center.  These vintage Conns were built to the highest quality, and still represent the highest quality of great American craftsmanship.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Connquerer Model (26M & 30M)
Date Manufactured: 1935-1936
Serial: 268580
Contributed By: saxquest.com