C.G. CONN Gold Plate Chu Berry (Serial Number: 235770) Back to model

Here is a gorgeous vintage C.G. Conn "transitional" Chu Berry alto saxophone, serial number 235770. Despite its age this horn is in outstanding condition and recieved a fresh overhaul from Saxquest in 2004.

The original gold plating is over 99% intact on this alto, with the only real wear found around the right hand thumb rest. There are no dents and no dings anywhere. The lone resoldered joint is on one foot of the low Eb key guard. The sax does feature rolled tone holes, the fingernail file G# key, a trill G#, and the original neck has the Conn tuner mechanism.

This horn was repadded by Saxquest's Duncan Bamsey. It features all new pads with flat metal resonators, corks, and felts. It was set up with a medium-open key height and medium-light spring tension, and is in top playing condition.

This is a very sweet sounding alto when you need it to be, but can also be a very aggressive horn when you push it. It has a warm, spread open sound, and  ligntning fast response. It plays a bit on the darker side of the sound spectrum, and the sound stays warm from low Bb up into the upper register.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Chu Berry
Date Manufactured: 1929-1930
Serial: 235770
Contributed By: saxquest.com