C.G. CONN New Wonder - Gold Plate (Serial Number: 98974) Back to model

This is a beautiful all original Gold Plated C.G. Conn Alto Saxophone serial number 98974.  This is an excellent example of a pristine 1922 vintage artist engraved horn from Conn.  Conn had incredible engravers back in the day, and they would put their art all over several of Conn's horns.  This horn features ingraving of a girl walking.  The artist engraving it typically found above the C.G. Conn stamp on the bell of the horn. 


These vintage Gold Plated Conn saxes have so much body, and warmth to their sound, and this alto is a perfect example.  This horn can be pushed as hard as anyone can push as well.  It has a very even sound all the way through too.  Intonation is fairly good also.


These vintage Conn's definitely have a large following, and there is a good reason for that.  These great American made vintage Conn's are highly sought after because of their build quality, and the sound they are able to get.  Everyone will tell you that nothing sounds like a vintage Conn, and this horn is a great testament to that statement.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder -series I
Date Manufactured: 1922 - 1923
Serial: 98974
Contributed By: saxquest.com