C.G. CONN New Wonder - Silver w/ Gold Keys (Serial Number: 112642) Back to model

This is a vintage Conn New Wonder Silver Plated Alto Saxophone.  This alto is in fantastic condition for being right at 90 years old.  Silver plated New Wonder altos are fairly rare horns, especially finding one in this condition, but the Gold plated keys are whole different thing entirely.  The horn features a burnished silver plating, with gold plated keys, and gold plated engraving.


The horn stands at about 90+% original plating.  There is typical wear in touch spots, and where the horn ussually rests against the players body.  There are no signs of past dent work, or resolders.    The horn features very nice rolled tone holes, which have never been filed down, and still even.  These are great vintage horns, and this one while beautiful, is still a monster player.


It has a huge open sound, and is very responsive.  You could fill up pretty much any room with the big sound that this horn produces.  It's easy to see why most of those guys from the great big bands of the old days played on these vintage conns!!

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder -series I
Date Manufactured: 1923 - 1924
Serial: 112642
Contributed By: saxquest.com