SELMER Modele 26 - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 6387) Back to model

This is a nice early vintage Selmer Paris alto sax. The Modele 26 is really the first decent playing sax made by Selmer Paris. It features many of the same design ideas as the later cigar cutter and super and was light years ahead of its predecessor, the Modele 22.

This horn is in the original silver plate finish. It shows some wear to the plating but remains in excellent physical condition. The orignial neck has never been damaged. The sax has all new pads and is in perfect playing condition. Its been set up with a moderate key opening and a medium spring tension.

The sax plays with a real sweetness that can only be found on these earlier vintage Selmers. While intonation is a bit suspect, it is manageable. Some old-timers call Selmers of this vintage "Pea Shooters" because of their smaller bore. Its not a real big sound and leads one towards a more west coast playing style. This would make a great small group jazz is a fun horn to play!

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Modele 26
Date Manufactured: 1927-1928
Serial: 6387
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