SELMER Balanced Action - Lacquer (Serial Number: 21440) Back to model

This is a very early vintage Selmer Balanced Action tenor, serial number 21440. This is the first run of the famous Balanced Action series and it features the sun burst engraving style. The only draw back to the first series of Balanced Actions is that they have an adjustment screw that lies between D and E in the lower stack. Its certainly easy enough to get around on, but the placement of this adjustment was somewhat ill-conceived; a problem that Selmer quickly fixed within a year.

The original lacquer on this particular sax is in fabulous condition. Most often these early Selmer’s are seen in fairly ruff or re-lacquered condition. The body of the instrument is also in very solid condition. There are no signs that the body has ever seen any major pulls or dents.

A second strap hook was added to the horn for improved support and balance but the original is still present in the factory position. The former owner also had a Mark VI thumb rest added in place of the smaller Balanced Action thumb rest. This thumb rest provides more comfort and support in holding the instrument. The original neck in excellent physical condition and has the last three digits of the serial number etched inside the neck tenon. It shows no evidence of ever having any pull downs, bends or other damages.

This sax was fully overhauled by Saxquest in 2008. It's a very killin’ player! It is very free blowing with an incredible amount of resonance that is to be expected in an early BA. It takes in the air very fast and has lightning fast response in the key ergonomics. This horn has a very lush and warm sound but is capable of playing with a very exceptional amount of edge and brilliance, making the sonic flexibility on this horn absolutely amazing.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1935-1936
Serial: 21440
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