YAMAHA Custom YTS-82Z - Unlacquered (Serial Number: 240557) Back to model

Here is a fantastic Yamaha "Custom Z" YTS-82Z tenor saxophone, serial number 240557. This is the unlacquered model without high F#. Of all the options available with this horn, this seems to be the most popular. It has a very open and rich sound, and is very powerful.

Physically, the instrument is in excellent condition. Because it is bare brass, it has aged quickly and has a very vintage look to it. There is one small ding on the bottom bow, but no other damages, including no resoldered joints. The original Custom G1 neck is in perfect shape.

The original pads are in great shape, and everything is sealing perfectly. This horn is a phenomenal player, and one of the best "modern" jazz instruments available. It plays with outstanding projection and a big powerful presence. 

Manufacturer: YAMAHA
Model: Custom Z
Date Manufactured: 1930 - 1931
Serial: 240557
Contributed By: saxquest.com