C.G. CONN Silver Plate Chu Berry (Serial Number: 206855) Back to model

This is a sweet vintage C. G. Conn curved soprano saxophone, serial number 206855.

The silver plating on this beauty is nearly immaculate, over 99% intact, with no major wear of note. The sax has a matte silver body and burnished (shiny) silver keys. It does have rolled tone holes and a fingernail file G#. Unlike many vintage curved sopranos, it does feature keywork to high F rather than just high Eb.

There are no major dents or dings anywhere in the sax, and no resoldered joints. This soprano plays with a gorgeous warm rich texture, very sonorous and quite beautiful. It is a joy to play.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Chu Berry
Date Manufactured: 1927 - 1928
Serial: 206855
Contributed By: saxquest.com