C.G. CONN "New Wonder" Silver Plate- C Soprano (Serial Number: 84475) Back to model

This is a real vintage silver plated Conn soprano sax in the key of C, serial number 84475. This horn is in great physical condition and is a real player.

The horn looks exceptional. The original silver finish is over 95% intact, with really no major wear of note. There are no dents, dings, resoldered joints, or signs of past damage or repair anywhere on the sax, including the bell flare which has never been bent. Like all good vintage Conns the sax does have rolled tone holes. The instrument is keyed up to high Eb.

The sax plays with a nice spread sound, and a touch on the darker side. It can generate a decent amount of power too when asked, which is nice. It's a lovely instrument to look at and to play.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder -series I
Date Manufactured: 1922 - 1923
Serial: 84475
Contributed By: saxquest.com