C.G. CONN "Portrait" Gold Plate "Nude Woman" (Serial Number: 109362) Back to model

This a very rare Conn Portrait Model New Wonder alto saxophone in near mint original gold plate, serial number 109362. This horn is circa 1925.

It has nearly 100% of the burnished gold plating still intact. There are only a couple finger-sized wear spots on the back of the body tube. It has ornate hand engraving up and down the bell. All original rollers are still in place and operating smoothly. This is an exquisite example of Conn's finest craftsmanship during the company's golden era of the late 20's. The portrait engraving features a nude woman sitting up in a canopy bed.

The instrument is in excellent physical condition. There are no dents, repaired dents, or resoldered joints. This sax has rolled tone holes and a tuner neck.

The case is original and included in the photos.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder -series I
Date Manufactured: 1923 - 1924
Serial: 109362
Contributed By: saxquest.com