KING Super 20 - Silver Sonic Gold Inlay (Serial Number: 408885) Back to model

This is the real deal! King Super 20 Silver Sonic alto saxophone in fabulous condition, serial number 408885. This in the last run of horns made before the HN White Company moved from Cleavland, OH to the East Lake, OH factory.

This particular instrument features gold plate inlay to the engraving. The gold inlay gives the horn an absolutely stunning look. This particular vintage of Super 20 features the single socket Super 20 neck with under slung octave key and star-burst engraving on the low B and Bb keys.

All silver sonic super 20's also came with a sterling silver underslung neck. The original neck here is in great shape showing no evidence of ever suffering any pull downs in the past.

Also shown here is the original black and white "aligator-skin" Super 20 case and original accessories. The case key is also still attached to the key holder on the inside of the neck compartment, a rare find indeed.

Manufacturer: KING
Model: Super 20 series IV
Date Manufactured: 1954 - 1955
Serial: 408885
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