C.G. CONN F-mezzo Soprano Silver Plate (Serial Number: 213766) Back to model

This is a great playing Conn F Mezzo soprano saxophone, serial number 213766. This F-mezzo is from the first of three runs that Conn made of this horn.  Physically and cosmetically this horn is in absolutely stunning condition. The satin silver finish looks very pristine with very little wear showing anywhere on the body. It doesn’t show any indication that it has ever received any major repair to the body. The bottom bow and bow cap are both in very good condition. Its golden bell flair is in perfect shape also showing no signs of ever being pulled or damaged. All of the keys and rails are in good original shape. The horn's original neck is also in perfect shape.

Like all Conns from this vintage, this F-mezzo still has the trill G#, rolled tone holes, fingernail file table G#, and is keyed up to high F. This horn also has its original case in good condition as well as an original mouthpiece.

This instrument received a full professional overhaul by Chris Funck in St. Louis at the Saxquest shop and is in top playing condition. Chris Funck's overhaul included all new pads, springs, corks, felts, resonators and a full key regulation. The pads are all sealing up great and the key action is smooth and fluid.

Check out James Carter's 2001 recording of gypsy music to hear his take on this unique saxophone.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: F-mezzo soprano
Date Manufactured: 1928-1929
Serial: 213766
Contributed By: saxquest.com