SELMER Silver Plate Super C-Melody (Serial Number: 14069) Back to model

This is an extremely rare example of a later vintage Selmer Paris c-melody saxophone. Only a handfull of C-melody Selmer Paris saxophones were ever made after 1930.


The horn looks fantastic in its original silver plate with gold wash bell.  As far as C-Melody horns go, these early Selmer's are fantastic.  The modele 28 was really the first good playing Selmer, and this C-Melody is a great example of that.  The intonation is fairly good, and the sound is a little more solid than most Conns we have played.


To hear a Selmer Super C-Melody in full swing check out the recordings The Chakra Suite and Embrace by Dave Pietro.  Dave is one of the top contemporary performers on the C-Melody.  To see a full list of Dave's recordings and other tunes with him featuring the C-Melody be sure to check out his website at: 

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: New Large Bore
Date Manufactured: 1931-1932
Serial: 14069
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