SELMER Balanced Action sopranino (Serial Number: 34852) Back to model

This is an exceptionally rare example of a genuine Selmer Paris balanced action sopranino, serial number 34852. The instrument is in the original lacquer with normal speckling wear to the finish.

As is true of all vintage Selmer sopraninos, its only keyed up to high Eb. The palm keys are mounted on a single rod. Notice also the pearl button style G# key.

The sax was fully set up in the Saxquest shop. We found that it had a great sound and was extremely free blowing. It has that nice rich complexity that you expect from a Selmer, yet it leaned on the slightly darker side of the sound spectrum. While it's possible to play the horn fairly well in tune, its not going to play itself. You have to wrestle with pitch a bit, but its manageable.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1947-1948
Serial: 34852
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