SELMER Large Bore Gold Plate Alto (Serial Number: 9966) Back to model

This is a gorgeous early vintage Selmer Super model alto sax, serial number 9966. This horn is absolutely mint, 99.9% original gold plating intact with only minimal finish wear on a couple touch points. It is close to perfection!

Physically this horn is perfect. No dents or dings, no resoldered joints, and no signs of any previous damages or repairs. The neck has never been damaged and shows no finish wear. This is a very early vintage Selmer Super alto, stamped "H. Selmer" with the address of the factory on the bell. It features elaborate engraving wrapping all around the bell as seen in the pictures. This type of engraving is extremely rare on Selmer saxes.

This alto also has all new pads, and has been fully set up in the Saxquest shop by George Bunk. The older Selmers need to have a lighter touch for maximum response and feel, and this horn was definitely regulated right, medium-open key height and a bit lighter tension.

This is probably one of the sweetest sounding altos we've ever played - a very lush, warm, and inviting sound.  It's the closest thing to Johnny Hodges we've ever found, and nobody sounds like Johnny Hogdes.  It takes your air well and plays evenly up and down the range of the horn. An exquisite alto and a true collector's piece.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: New Large Bore
Date Manufactured: 1929-1930
Serial: 9966
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