SELMER St. Louis Gold Metal C-melody raw brass (Serial Number: 1016) Back to model

This is a very late Selmer St. Louis Gold Metal model c-melody saxophone SN 1016. This is the latest serial number we've ever seen for this model. By this time, Selmer had already tooled up the Mantes factory for saxophone production and the newly introduced Serie 1922 (Modele 22) was well underway.

This particular instrument is in the original raw brass finish. It has been fully restored by the Saxquest repair shop and fitted with period style white kid leather pads. The sax is in remarkably good condition with no major dents or dings or resolders. A rare find and certainly one of the last of these Sax stenciled Selmers to be produced.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: St. Louis Gold Medal Model
Date Manufactured: 1922
Serial: 1016
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