C.G. CONN Chu Berry Gold Plate (Serial Number: 198349) Back to model

This is a beautiful mint condition gold plated Conn Chu Berry Tenor Saxophone, Serial Number 198349. The word mint does not get used lightly by the pros at Saxquest but this horn is very much deserving of the title. As you can see from the photos the instrument is virtually flawless. The body is in original condition and shows no bends, pull downs or any other signs of previous work. Its bell flair and original neck are both in perfect shape. The gold matte looks great and the plaiting area with the fine engraving looks very impressive as well. Its rich gold finish gives this instrument an extremely lush sound that is warm and very free blowing.

This instrument was overhauled in 2011 by Saxquest's Chris Watrous. He set the horn up on high quality Valentino leather pad and it is in perfect playing condition. The Chu Berry model featured rolled tone holes, finger nail file G#, and trill g# key. This particular Chu also has all of the original pearl rollers on the table keys. Horns in this kind of condition are definitely getting harder and harder to find.  This is a pristine example of a dead mint Gold Plated Conn!!!

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Chu Berry
Date Manufactured: 1927-1928
Serial: 198349
Contributed By: saxquest.com