C.G. CONN "Mulligan era" Silver Bari Sax (Serial Number: 238090) Back to model

This is an incredible vintage C. G. Conn “Transitional” model bari sax, serial number 238090. This bari has the rarer art deco style engraving, has same-side bell keys, and the famous “fingernail file” G# key. This instrument was fully restored by the Saxquest repair shop in 2011 by Chris Funck, and it is a real beauty.

The original matte silver plating is in excellent condition throughout the horn. This bari is from the same era of horns as used by Gerry Mulligan, and that gives you a good idea of what sound this bari has. It is a tremendous player, really big, powerful sound and extremely resonant in all ranges. From low Bb up into the palm keys it stays big and fat. A fantastic vintage bari, a real player’s horn and in amazing condition too.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Transitional
Date Manufactured: 1930
Serial: 238090
Contributed By: saxquest.com