BUFFET Super Dynaction - Lacquer (Serial Number: 15426) Back to model

This is an outstanding condition vintage Buffet Paris Super Dynaction tenor sax, serial number 15426. This tenor looks amazing and is a fantastic player too!

The Super Dynaction was Buffet's attempt to seriously compete with Selmer during production of the Mark VI run. While these are great saxophones and offer a different tonal pallet from the Selmer core sound, history proves that Selmer won the battle.

This tenor has well over 95% original lacquer intact. There is only very minor lacquer wear in a couple spots. There are no dents or dings anywhere, and no resoldered joints. The bell flare once had a very small bend in it, evidenced by a small lacquer crease, but it has been put back into place and looks great. The original neck has never been pulled down and is perfect. The instrument was set up by Saxquest in 2011.

These vintage Buffet instruments have seen swings in popularity since their time of production. There are players who simply swear by these horns. Their faith is well placed. The Super Dynaction is arguably the best production horn Buffet ever made (with the possible exception of the Prestige, depending on who you talk to). It has the warmth and focus you would expect on a Buffet, but with more power and a little more edge, making this a very versatile instrument. Traditionally you see a lot of classical players gravitate towards the Buffet horns, but this tenor can be taken out on any gig. It is a real dynamic player.

Manufacturer: BUFFET
Model: Super Dynaction Models
Date Manufactured: 1969
Serial: 15426
Contributed By: saxquest.com