GRAFTON Acrylic Alto Saxophone (Serial Number: 10662) Back to model

This is a vintage Grafton alto sax, serial number 10662. The Graftons are usually found broken and destroyed. This particular alto however is complete, and makes for a very nice example!

Physically this alto is in near perfect condition. The most common damage on these horns is the plastic keyguards which are easily cracked, but all of them on this sax are complete with nothing broken and no previous repairs. The body of the horn is also pristine, there is only one small hairline crack near the neck strap ring as seen in the photos. All of the keywork is intact and in perfect working order. The original neck is also included and has never been damaged.

Manufacturer: GRAFTON
Model: Grafton Acrylic Alto Saxophone
Date Manufactured: 1953
Serial: 10662
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