SELMER Lacquer Radio Improved (Serial Number: 19440) Back to model

This is an original lacquer Selmer Super Radio Improved Tenor Sax, serial number 19440. This horn has been played a ton, and with good reason.  It is a monster!!!  Much of the lacquer is gone, as the horn currently stands at a little over 30% remaining.  There is speckle wear to be found throughout, and the horn has had its fair share of repairs.


The horn was fully overhauled by Chris Watrous of Saxquest in 2009, and as we said earlier, it is a monster.  It has a very light, quick feel with a medium open key height.  The horns response is immediate with a really nice spread sound. The horn was fitted with top of the line treated Valentino leather pads, and Reso Tech resonators.  


There were dents and dings removed from the body and bow.  The bell was in great shape.  The dents were removed so well that it's very hard to tell where they were in pictures.  The original neck was in terrible shape.  It had dings all over it, and was bent down almost to a breaking point.  The guys at Saxquest had a spare Mark VI neck in their shop and found it worked great with the horn.  

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super - Radio Improved
Date Manufactured: 1934-1935
Serial: 19440
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