BUESCHER 400 Top Hat & Cane - Lacquer (Serial Number: 296198) Back to model

This is one of the very first Buescher 400 top hat & cane saxophones ever produced with serial number 296198 dating to January of 1941. The only one eariler that I know of has serial number 296159.

This is a very nice example. It has nearly all of its original lacquer and is in near mint condition. It has all of the great features that made this one of the premier saxophones of its day. Some of the features include: Norton Gold Plated Springs, Buescher snap-in Resonators, oversized re-inforced bell, and ornate hand engraving including a castle-scene as well as the famous Tophat and Cane. It was to be the pinnacle of acheivement for Buescher saxophones.

This instrument went through the Saxquest shop back in 2004. The factory original set up was optimal and the horn needed very little adjustment to be made to play perfectly again. Incredibly, the original pads were still soft and sealed up perfectly.

The sound is huge and as fat as it gets!! The horn can handle as much air as you can put through it, and the sound only increases with incredible center and carry. This is an awesome alto!!

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: 400 top hat & cane
Date Manufactured: 1941
Serial: 296198
Contributed By: saxquest.com