C.G. CONN "Portrait" Gold Plate "Baby" (Serial Number: 208283) Back to model

This is a Conn Chu Berry vintage tenor saxophone in 80% of its original burnished gold plate over silver plate. The serial number is 208283. This model has the file G# key, split bell keys, and rolled toneholes. The plating is worn primarily on the touch pieces and a 2X3 inch area on the front of the bell and middle bodytube near the neckstrap hook. This is a player's horn that has been professionally owned and played often. It was very well cared for and has an amazing broken in feel. The keywork is fast and effortless and the sound is very responsive.

The physical condition is very good. The body is in excellent shape with NO dents and some minor dentwork on the bottom bow. There have been no other damage repairs. The bodytube is perfectly straight. The vent key has been soldered shut as it really has no practical use. There are a few other resoldered joints on the tenor. The neck is in excellent shape with only minor spot wear.

This tenor is an absolute blast to play. The tone is FAT and very expressive with a smoky quality. These are the kind of tenors that just keep sounding better the more that they are played!

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Chu Berry
Date Manufactured: 1927 - 1928
Serial: 208283
Contributed By: saxquest.com