BUESCHER 400 Top Hat & Cane - Lacquer (Serial Number: 318300) Back to model

This is a great example of a Buescher 400 top hat & cane tenor from the middle of the run in 1948. This instrument is housed in the Saxquest Saxophone Museum in St. louis, MO.

It's in near mint original lacquer and has no physical blemishes. It has all of the features that made this the flagship professional model saxophone in the Buescher line up. It has gold plated Norton springs, Buescher snap-in resonators, silver tone ring, underslung neck octave key, and the famous top hat & cane engraving.

The sax plays like a dream. It was meticulously restored by Saxquest using Valentino non-stick pads fitted with the original Buescher snap-in resonators. These tenors were originally set up from the factory with a fairly open key height and light spring tension. The repair guys at Saxquest recreated this original set up when giving this horn its overhaul.

The sound is as big and resonant as it gets. Bueschers have a certain warmth and power to their core sound that is unmistakable. A bit spread in the bottom end and extremely vibrant, the tenor really lights up when you push it. The sound hangs in there all the way up into the palm keys and beyond.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: 400 top hat & cane
Date Manufactured: 1948
Serial: 318300
Contributed By: saxquest.com