BUESCHER 400 - Lacquer (Serial Number: 480056) Back to model

This is a vintage Buescher "400" bari sax, serial number 480056. This bari is a nice playing horn, in great shape.
Physically the horn has always been well cared for. There are a few dimples and minor pings, but no major dents, and no signs of any significant repairs in the past. Pads are just a few years old for the most part, with all the original snap-in metal domed resonators. The sax still has all the original gold plated Norton springs and the original amber rollers.

Everything is sealing well on this horn, and it is a sweet player with a rich slightly darker kind of sound. It really blows well in the bottom end. The original neck is in excellent condition.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: Super 400 & standard "400"
Date Manufactured: 1954 - 1955
Serial: 480056
Contributed By: saxquest.com