MARTIN Typewriter - gold plate ARTIST (Serial Number: 94086) Back to model

Here's an exceptional Martin "Typewriter" alto saxophone. This instrument was manufactured in 1929 and is seen here in the original gold plate finish. Its engraved head to toe with no less than 7 different scene engravings and intricate push-cut floral design work covering the bell, bottom bow, body tube, neck and inside bell. Its quadruple gold plated with a burnished finish and the engraving is further enhanced with silver plate inlay. The instrument is simply stunning to look at and a very rare collector's piece. This instrument is part of the Saxquest Saxophone Museum's permanent collection.

The Martin Typewriter model saxophones have been aptly nicknamed because they are adorned with pearl buttons on all key touches (even the table keys, low C and Eb keys, palm keys, side keys, octave keys and all finger touches). This key arrangement gives the horn both the look and feel of an old fashioned typewriter.  While the typewriter was introduced by Martin in 1929 as an artist level saxophone, players quickly discovered that the all pearl keywork was unbearably awkward. Despite the horrendous feel, this model does have a sweet sound as it is otherwise a Martin Handcraft in terms of basic construction.

Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model: Typewriter
Date Manufactured: 1929
Serial: 94086
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