MARTIN Handcraft Troubadour - GOLD Plate (Serial Number: 103681) Back to model

Here's about the sweetest Martin Troubadour saxophone you'll ever come across. These photos were contributed by Randy Coles from his wonderful saxophone collection.

This particular sax was manufactured in 1931 with serial number 103681. Its a wonderful eample of a Martin gold plate artist model. Martin produced some of the most intricately engraved gold plate saxophones that you will find for this era. Although they did not make as many gold plate artist style horns as either Conn or Buescher, those they did make were exquisite.

This sax has the characteristic Troubadour keywork in that there are only two right hand side keys.


Manufacturer: MARTIN
Model: Handcraft Troubadour
Date Manufactured: 1931
Serial: 103681
Contributed By: Randy Cole