C.G. CONN Virtuoso Deluxe - Chu Berry- revolutionary war (Serial Number: 180233) Back to model

Here's one of the most rare Conn saxophones you will ever find. This is a virtuoso deluxe model Chu Berry bari sax. Its burnished gold plate with two highly detailed revolutionary war scenes engraved in the bell. The engraving is inlayed with silver plate. To further define this saxophone, all of the key cups are uniquely engraved.

This is a Mulligan era Conn bari and thus it is keyed up to high F. Simply one of the finest baris ever!!

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Virtuoso Deluxe
Date Manufactured: 1926
Serial: 180233
Contributed By: saxquest.com and the Saxquest Museum in St. Louis, MO.